Hi ho art friends.

Today’s post relates to the Takashima project in that I wanted to create custom grungy overlays to use in the story.

The Still Stories class inspired me to take a few shots one of my dolls in front of my still life set. The set is a folding table set up in front of one of my Ikea Billie bookshelves. I took one shelf out, so I have a nice tall and deep space. The space is 19″ tall, 15″ deep and 27″ wide, just the right size space for still life photography.

For this shoot, my model is my handsome Dollshe Bernard, Ethan. I used three 2 Lil Owl backgrounds, two from the Still Stories class and 1 from the Gala set, which is the source of color and text for this canvas, called, “The Future.”

Ethan’s lips have gotten a bit beat up over the years, although I don’t notice until I see photos. I also noticed that I didn’t paint his lips evenly. It hasn’t bothered me until I started editing this photo. I touched them up by adding a blank layer, sampling the colors with the eyedropper than very lightly painting with a soft brush, set to 10% and dabbing on several layers.

How I made the grungy overlay

The grungy overlay I created started as a fairly uninteresting landscape photo I took at the west bound rest stop just outside of Selah, Washington.

I ran the image through my favorite filter gallery setting, paint daubs, with a dark rough brush. Duplicated that image and applied a substantial Gaussian blur. Created a Visible layer and took a soft brush to erase some of the details.

I added a white grunge layer and used various brushes; added a black grunge layer and repeated the process with different brushes; created a new layer from visible. Used the soft brush to erase some of the details then applied just enough Gaussian blur to remove the brush details. Applied a black and white layer over all the whole thing and created a new layer from visible that was then added at the top of the stack of Ethan’s canvas.

Next steps

I like the way this grunge overlay turned out. Next I’ll try it on one of my existing Takashima test canvases.

After that, I’ll create the Takashima background diorama. I have several to create: at least 3 views of the Takashima office, Keaton’s desk and the alley behind Takashima.

I’ll start with the interior images so I can start compositing the story, which takes place primarily inside Takashima.

Stay tuned and happy creating!