BJD Prompt #16

Hi ho friends.

Today’s post is my answer to the age-old question by People Who Don’t Own Dolls: What do you do with your dolls? Aka, BJD Addicts Prompt #16.

These prompts are, or were, posted by the BJD Addicts. They haven’t posted in a while as it looks like they’ve shifted fully over to their private Facebook group.

Sadly, I’ve noticed a steady decline in forum participation at both the Den Of Angel and Blythe Kingdom. The general complaint in both fora is that people are favoring Facebook and Instagram for their dolly news and community interactions.

Well, time marches on, doesn’t it? And we have to change with the times or we’ll find ourselves standing alone in a vast field, talking to ourselves.


At any rate, here is my answer to the question: what do you do with your dolls?