Hi friends!

My Saturday morning routine is to watch some dolly videos on YouTube until the Mister wakes up. Today, I was watching an episode on Munecas, Poupees and Dolls on bjd tags, called the goodbye tag, where the doll owner answers a handful of questions related to the tag.

I haven’t sold any of my bjds, but Alison left a link to another YouTube, Caladhiel Tan, who has posted several of the tag videos. I watched a couple and then found the tag that I wanted to start with: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

An idea struck me: to respond to these tag questions in relation to The Takashima Extraction as a way to share some character backstories and reasons for some of my choices.

BJD tag: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In the background is the cast of Takashima. While not covered in the video, here is the cast (their doll name when they’re not in a story, company & sculpt and character, from left to right, starting with the front row:

  • Lysander, Soom Mecha Angel Sabik: Lucius Pinkham, mercenary
  • Wolf, Dollshe Grown Bermann: Gaius Pinkham, mercenary
  • Lancaster, Dollshe IM Hound: fixer
  • Tennyson, Dollshe Bernard: Takashima supervisor
  • Grayson, Dollmore Lilis Liv hybrid (Glorydoll body): Camille Starfall, the manager’s assistant
  • Tuesday, Dollstown Lucille hybrid (Volks SD13 body): Takashima manager
  • Kaneda, Elfdoll K: Al Keaton, Takashima employee
  • Ginger, Elfdoll Soah: street samurai
  • Wellington, Sybarite Venus clone Wellington: Takashima executive
  • Hiro, B&G Rin: rigger
  • not pictured, because they share a body: Keaton, Dollshe Grown Saint, hacker

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Happy creating!