Hi ho art friends. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind at work and at home, which negatively impacted progress on Takashima. One of the home tasks that happened was receiving the last of my studio boxes from storage.

One box held my collection of Stampington & Company magazines, including the Summer 2016 issue of The Coloring Studio. I’d completely forgotten that I’d bought this and never opened it. Suffering from computer fatigue, I took out my colored pencils and dove into adult coloring books. This issue includes an interview with Johanna Basford, and well, I’ve taken wholeheartedly to this world of coloring. It’s the best remedy for staring at computers all day.

Lacking inspiration for shooting or editing, I spent one of my scheduled time slots to look for comic book panel layouts to use. I found plenty of paid options, with and without commercial use licenses. I had hoped my Adobe subscription would land me some free templates, but no.

I haven’t seen anything like Takashima, so I decided to develop my own layouts that best fit the needs of that story. Today’s canvas, “City Rigger,” was created with my layout template in mind.

I started with the test images I’ve been creating over the past 3 months, but reached a point where I needed to create new canvases for the challenge.

For the background, I dug out a composited cityscape I created for a Shift Art challenge a few months ago. I never finished the composition, but I really liked the background.

I incorporated by rigger Hiro, grunged it up a bit, duplicated the visible layers, converted it to a black and white layer, then masked it and revealed the color. I really like this image and am pleased with how the sunset sky and Hiro’s eyes provide the color for the image.

“City Rigger” by L. Anne Thompson

My plan for this weekend is to create the Takashima interior background dioramas.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga and happy creating!