Hi art friends. I missed 2 weekends of shooting, due to needing to research my Sabik to find out how to improve his ability to stand and hold poses, house projects and a general lack of inspiration. Today, I warmed up the glue gun and glue sueded my boy.

When I took Lucius apart, I found the clothes he was wearing was starting to stain him. So I decided, I’d mess around with the outfit Lucius would wear for the story.

I don’t have a lot of clothes for this fella. It’s difficult to find clothing for an 80 cm doll. I bought a beautiful romantic style blouse and very tight fitting vest. I added some crazy boots and the gun and decided he’d have an Aristocrat Lolita style.

In the story, nobody knows where the Pinkham Boys are from.

There are actual Pinkhams who live on the Yakama Reservation, so my Pinkhams will be from a very poor, unremarkable town in Eastern Washington. They couldn’t wait to leave the dusty, rural farm life behind because they like nice things: nice home, nice clothes, lots of dough.

The building behind Lucius is an abandoned building in Eastern Washington. Might be on the Rez. I’m not really sure. The building stands at one corner a crossroads. In addition to my own photos of Lucius and the building, I used two 2 Lil Owls papers, from the March Texture Club: Acrylic Paints 16 and Harvest Moon 16. The vingentting was achieved by using black grungy brushes.

The Lucius layer and the building layer were separately run through Paint Daubs in the Filter Gallery. I think running the filter gallery on the separate images was more successful then running the entire final composition through the filter.

By the time I finished today’s canvas, I thought, Oh, yes! This is Lucius’ new look.

Not all all cyberpunk, but, Lucius goes his own way.

Now I have to find Aristo Loly for Gauis. I may be able to buy something – he is the size of the Iplehouse EID fellas.