Hi art friends.

The Takashima photo shoot continues. In taking stock of the characters and needing an executive, I considered making an outfit but I’m having hand problems lately. Too much sewing is not in the cards. And then I remembered that I have a terrific HBIC outfit for Miss Wellington.

She is perfect as the executive for the story. The shoot this weekend was of Keaton’s supervisor and the Takashima executive. As usual, lots of photos were taken. As has been my practice for this project, I took 1 photo I really liked and created a random canvas for it. My original intention was to create an urban environment, but in looking through my Shift Art Challenge photos, a country scene caught my eye.

So here is Miss Wellington in the country. The country road was a pixabay photo from the December challenge, plus two 2 Lil Owl March Texture Club textures, and my current favorite Distressed Textures page, Let’s Fly Low.

Lots of masking, layers, and the final image was run through the Paint Daubs, Dark Rough filter gallery. The paint daubs layer made it easy to hide Miss Wellington’s wrist joint. I love her haughty look.

My art has reached That Stage. It’s 80% or so of the way there, but it still needs a wow factor. For the purpose of the Takashima Project, I think this stage is fine. What Miss Wellington needs is an unusual prop.

Two things my collection is lacking: doll props and furniture. I should probably stop being obsessed with Blythe dolls and focus on doll furniture.

Speaking of props, I received the SD-sized pistol for the Pinkham boys. I was puzzled when the box arrived because the customs label indicated the package contained a “doll.” But, yeah, putting “gun” on the customs form probably not such a good idea. Good thinking Sadol!

I had trouble figuring out the shoulder holster but the rig fits my Sabik quite nicely. No photos yet because I need to spend some quality time disassembling Lucius and sueding him. Since he’s a big fella, I might try using real leather to suede the joints. It wouldn’t take much leather and, given his size, it will be easier this method than on one of my smaller dolls.

That’s all for today.

Happy creating!