Hi art friends. Due to household projects, I skipped my Takashima photo session last week. This weekend, I plan to make up for it. I spent time today shooting my rigger, Hiro and street samurai, Ginger.

Also of note is Bill’s brilliant idea to set up my crafting table to pose the dolls on. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before. I was able to use my standard tripod and didn’t have to crawl around on the floor. My craft table is an adjustable height plastic folding table from Costco. I draped one of my yoga mats over it to keep both the doll and my white backdrop from sliding around. It works like a dream!

Had to have a little Photoshop play and created this portrait. I wanted to try the 2Lil Owls style with my dolls.

I took a closeup of Hiro, applied an unsharp mask. Duplicated that layer and ran High Pass and set it to overlay. Then overlaid the image with 2 of the February 2Lil Owls Texture Club items: Chaulked and Haunted. Created a layer from Visible and ran 2 Filter Gallery filters: Paint Daubs and Glass. Played around with layers and opacities and got this:


I’m not totally satisfied with the result. I’d like it more painterly but it will take time and fiddling to get there. The next time I try this, I will create several Filter Gallery layers and apply masks to hide and reveal different painted layers.

My problem to fix is: a window popped up today to update my Wacom tablet driver and it killed my tablet. Now I have to figure out how to either un-update the silly thing or re-run the update. My tablet is pretty old – it’s a small Intuous Pen & Touch. I’m worried it is no longer supported and I’ll have to buy a new tablet. Although it’s annoying, I’m glad it happened during my shooting schedule and not during photo editing.

With tomorrow’s photo shoot, I’ll be back on schedule with Takashima. More doll photos to come.

Happy creating!