Hi friends.

Today was the first day of shooting for the Takashima project. I have 1 doll that stands like a rock: my Lilis Liv/Dollmore hybrid doll. That means I didn’t need to spend time wiring or hot gluing her socket joints for better possibility. Today’s shoot were Miss Camille singles – shots of a solo character. I’m trying to capture a variety of poses that I can use to composite scenes or have options for conversations.

I got everything set up. Checked the battery in my Rebel and it was 2/3 full. Until I started shooting and it went dead after 3 shots.

I purposefully used strong side light, slightly filled in with a small ring light I have, situated to the left of Miss Camille and at about her knee level, point upward. I’m going for a film noir look, after all but I tried to get shots with full light on her face.

It takes a while to charge that battery, so I completed the shoot with my Canon Elph. I took roughly 100 shots with Miss Camille in various standing and sitting poses poses: close up, middle distance, far away, from above, from far above (Takashima security camera POV), slightly below, from either side and from behind.

She’s the doll with the ridiculous head attachment. In order to change what she is looking at, I have to dismantle her head, shift her eyes, re-assemble her head, repeat. Very tedious.

Doll eye focus is a slow, patient process in order get a realistic look, requiring very small adjustments. I didn’t want to get bogged down in that process today. April is my month to capture any shots I’ve missed or think up between now and then.

I deleted only a handful of badly focused shots – the Elph has limited shooting settings and shooting macro sometimes confuses the auto focus. That caused a few unusable shots. To correct that, I back up a wee bit and the camera is able to focus.

I liked all the shots I kept. I love a handful of images, including this one that I used for the canvas I put together tonight, called “He’s Gone.” I took the shot near the end of the day, just playing with how far I could push her posing and not topple her over.

“He’s Gone”

In addition to my photo of Miss Camille, I used 3 2 Lil Owl papers: Artist 120, Sweet Grunge 11 and Black Distress 3. I used Denise’s workflow from one of her Watch Me Edit videos: a bit of adjustment in Camera Raw, unsharp mask; duplicate that layer and apply a high pass. then add the grungy layers, mask in spots, adjust the levels and done.

If I were to turn this into a print, I’d spend another couple of hours on it, finessing the layers and masks. Taking off, for example, the spots on her face and distancing her from the background. Unfortunately, she has nearly white skin tone, so against my white bedsheet backdrop, she fades a bit into the background. Who knows? I may have to reshoot her singles with my Rebel and macro lens. For now, I’m happy with the day’s shooting and this canvas.

Next week, I will shoot the Al Keaton singles. After that, shots of Al and Miss Camille together.

Stay tuned!