“Moody Miss Wellington” by L. Anne Thompson

Hi art friends.

I love dreamy looking images but don’t feel I’ve quite gotten what the look I’m after. A big fan of 2 Lil Owls textures since I was introduced to them in Sebastian Michaels classes, I hadn’t visited Denise’s website until recently. And found the dreamy images I love! Last night, I watched one of her Watch Me Edit videos and tonight had to try it out.

This method involves minimal Photoshop manipulation and layers. I had to find an image with an uncluttered background and this photo of my Sybarite Wellington fit the bill. I did some preliminary edits in Camera Raw, although I don’t remember what changes I made. I just moved sliders around until I found a look I liked. Then did a little blemish fixing on her wrist joints. I need to pay more attention to stray hairs, but this was a quick exercise and the hairs could be grunge.

I duplicated the final image and applied unsharp mask, high pass, curves, levels, gradient map, blue layer, a 50% grey layer for dodge and burn and a couple of 2 Lil Owl textures, with a final touch of The Move (duplicate all visible layers). Start to finish for this image probably took 30 minutes. Overall, I like the way she turned out.

Although I’m tempted to sign up for Denise’s floral and still life classes (you know I love a good online class or 20), I opted for her Illustrative Photo class. I got $60 off (with lifetime access) because I signed up for her email list and it aligns with my Takashima project.

Yeah, that’s it.