Hi friends. My plan for today was to review the Takashima story outline, flesh it out a bit, identify the scenes that must be shown so I can plan the photo shoot.

The Takashima story itself grew out of another story outline about 3 technomancers and their extraction story. The extraction team included Hiro, the Rigger and Ginger, the Street Samurai.

In my Shadowrun world, Hiro and Ginger are a couple, working together on runs, when they can get work. They don’t always work on the same team, but given their different skill sets, they are frequently both hired for jobs.

The technomancer story stalled because I couldn’t work out how to tell the story in words and images. That didn’t stop me from working on the story outline, however. As I fleshed out the technomancer story, references were made to extraction team member’s past and an extraction gone wrong, aka the Infamous Takashima Extraction.

The Takashima Extraction is well-known in Seattle runner circles because the target dies. The original idea behind Takashima was to tell the story from Hiro and Ginger’s point of view, as it is their first meeting.

I pulled up the original outline today, which was:

  • Character intros and peek at Hiro and Ginger’s lives outside of being Shadowrunners
  • Hiro and Ginger are hired for the Takashima job
  • They find out during the run that two teams were hired, are working against each other and Hiro & Ginger are on opposite teams
  • The run is a set-up for reasons Hiro & Ginger don’t understand but their team members are getting knocked off, one by one
  • In the chaos, Hiro & Ginger meet; she nearly kills him. He convinces her to work together to save the target. They have chemistry but are a bit pre-occupied with that whole, let’s not get killed on this run thing
  • They find the target lying in a pool of blood. They get the heck out before they get killed
  • For weeks after the run, Hiro pines over Ginger and finally hires a private detective to find her
  • Hiro & Ginger have a chance encounter when she shows up at his place of work. They bond over their shared near-death experience
Hiro and Ginger meet

That story is ok but obviously didn’t inspire me to flesh it out because it’s a love story set in a cyberpunk world. Nothing wrong with that, per se, other than I prefer the doomed love stories and bad life choices of the film noir world.

It was only after an aimless photo shoot with my Dollshe Grown Saint, that I realized Al Keaton is the protagonist of the Takashima story.

Aloysius Keaton
“The Late Al Keaton”

Changing the protagonist of the story and creating canvases I felt supported Al’s story, reignited my interest in The Takashima Extraction.

All that work won’t go to waste, though, as I will weave these stories together. Breaking away to tell Hiro & Ginger’s story will build tension and change the pace in telling Al’s story.

More to come on Takashima, so stay tuned!