Hi friends. As 2020 winds down, I wanted to take stock of my BJD collection and set my Dollie plans for 2021. I had a couple reasons for making the collection video:

  • to see the entire collection; most have been in storage since we moved back into our home following the 2019 Remodel Project
  • I haven’t shown my entire bjd collection before
  • take stock of outfits, shoes, wigs, and eyes, which led me to the Outfit Project goal
  • Name each doll – not everyone has a name. Some have names for the graphic novels, a couple have no name. They’ll each a have a name to go with their complete outfit

Here is the short video about my 2020 bjd collection:

My 2020 BJD Collection

Revised Takashima Goal

Back in April, I set an ambitious goal to finish The Takashima Extraction story by the end of 2020, but it was a stretch when I set it and then changing dolls for the story set me back several months. For 2021, I will finish The Takashima Extraction. I plan to finish the last major character costume in the next 2 weeks. After that, I will review the story and storyboards, then start shooting and editing the story.

I have my process in Photoshop down pretty well and I know the look I want for the story. My revised goal is to finish Takashima by June 2021. That extends the goal by 6 months. I doubt we’ll have any in person film festivals in 2021, so I won’t need to worry about this goal running into SIFF.

The Outfit Project

With 21 complete outfits to make, this is a 3-5 year goal. I took a photo of each doll today. Rather than my previous haphazard doll clothes plan, I will design each outfit, using my iPad and digital bullet journal. This will help me keep the group organized, with notes on measurements, eyes, wigs, accessories and character notes.

Even though I have a solid plan, I expect to hit the wall once or twice on the Takashima project, so the Outfit Project will give me something to work on but not fall down some unrelated craft hole.

I wish all of you and yours good health and a much better 2021!