Hi ho art friends.

Making incremental progress on the Takashima Extraction Project. Today, I took photos for Al, Camille and Steve for their employee ID badges. The photos turned out great. Here are the color versions, taken with my Pixel phone and natural light.

Al B. Keaton, photo by L. Anne Thompson, Tenukihandcrafts
Camille Starfall, photo by L. Anne Thompson, Tenukihandcrafts
Steve Johnson, photo by L. Anne Thompson, Tenukihandcrafts

I’m a bit sorry the graphic novel will be in black and white. I think Steve’s eyes are gorgeous.

The employee badges were created in Photoshop. I found a site that generates barcodes for free, so the bar codes are the character names. The font is Futura, a font that comes with Photoshop – I stretched and freeform resized the text box to give is a cooler look.

Takashima Industries employee ID badges

The test print was much too big for the dolls. The badges are just slightly smaller than business card size. Not being a math genius, I exported the file as a jpg and scaled it to 25%. To print it, I scaled the print to 35% and it turned out great on the first try. Lucky ducky!

I cut out the ID badges and cold laminated them in business card protectors. Super adorbs but you can’t read the names under the bar codes. Not super important, just a teeny detail that no one will ever see but I’ll know is there. And now you know, too!

I had an eye putty mishap with Camille. The removable mounting tac was very soft, like it dissolved but not quite. What a mess! I suspect the tac reacted to whatever glue Dollmore used on the Lilis Liv head eye lashes. In the process of cleaning out the icky tac, I had to remove her eyelashes. I was glad I didn’t destroy her face-up in the process!

What’s still needed: design and sew Steve’s outfit; find or make the doll sized tablets; find or make a messenger bag for Al. I’m debating whether or not to search for a desk or composite it in, but I can worry about that once these characters are finished.

I’ve started a Takashima Extraction project playlist over at my YouTube channel. I plan to post videos for the entire process. Why I didn’t think of posting videos sooner, I don’t know, but better late than never, right?

Stay tuned.