Hi art friends.

This weekend, I dug out the patterns and fabric to use for the new Al Keaton, my Elfdoll K. I used the Gracefairy pattern “The Poet” for 60 cm male dolls and the Mandarin Jacket from the BJD Obyraium book.

The fabrics were a plaid woven fabric and one of Bill’s lovely old grey flannel shirts, cut up.

The patterns for Mr. Keaton

As I was sewing today, I thought to try Ethan’s wig on Kaneda. The Elfdoll K has a tiny head and wears size 7-8 wigs, which is similar to the wig size for the regular Dollshe Bernard.

Ethan’s wig is a touch big, but I think it adds to the slightly unkempt feel for Mr. Keaton. His outfit came together quite quickly. I kept the black shirt just because and dug out a necklace I made that has an old luggage key.

The new Al Keaton

I love how his little outfit turned out.

Here is the new Al Keaton and Miss Camille Starfall. I think they make a smart couple.

I need to get his shoes. I’ve found a couple boots on Den of Angels, but the 2 folks selling the boots haven’t been on the forum for most of 2020, so I’ll keep looking.

I need to make the the tablets, ID key cards and a messenger bag. I also need to make the complete outfit for Steve the Corp Sec guard and find a bjd sized pistol. As soon as I get Keaton’s shoes, I will start shooting and leave the Steve scenes until the very end.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Al Keaton.