Today is a Takashima Extraction project post to bring together my new elements for Al Keaton, the protagonist of The Takashima Extraction.

If you’re keeping track, you will recall that after taking a photo of my Dollshe Grown Saint and Dollstown Elf Jun together, I realized these 2 dolls were not going to work for the Takashima story.

Enter my Elfdoll K, cleverly named Kaneda.

Here is the character sketch for Mr. Al Keaton,.

Al Keaton Character design by L. Anne Thompson, Tenukihandcrafts

I have nothing on hand that fits Kaneda, so I’ll need to source the following items:

  • buy or make a blonde wig
  • buy shoes
  • buy or draft and make a suit
  • buy Keaton’s man bag
  • make the photo ID badge
  • make several tablets

That’s quite a lot of work to be done. Fortunately, the November Den Of Angels sewing project theme is School or Work Wear.

And here’s my grumpy fella, Kaneda. Aw. I love his crabby face.

Elfdoll K, the new Al Keaton

I’m taking 1 week off in a couple weeks and will be able to put forth most of the effort to get the New and Improved Al Keaton sorted. Stay tuned.