Hi ho art friends. In September 2019, I entered the image below, “Seven Minutes to Spare” in the Shift Art Monthly Challenge. The theme was Time Travel. At the time, I was pretty happy with it.

It popped up on my screen saver recently and I thought, hey, that doesn’t make sense. The left side of the canvas should be the city and you seen the pastoral landscape inside the weird light hoop thingy.

“Seven Minutes to Spare”

I created Seven Minutes in Gimp. Today, I exported the file to Photoshop and revisited the image.

The central figure is a Robert Cornelius image that he contributed to the Shift Art challenge. There was a grungy overlay/paper from Carolyn Julia Moore, also for the challenge. The city photo and landscape are from Pexels. There is also a vector graphic from Sebastian Michaels from the Photoshop Artistry Grunge class content.

No longer tied to the Shift Art challenge theme, I changed the concept of the canvas to be part of my Portal series and renamed version 2 to “Back Home.”

“Back Home”

I duplicated the city photo and moved the copy to the left side of the canvas; added masks to both city images and masked the overlapped section of the city backdrop. Next, I executed The Move and set about “Palmerizing” the image, first by stretching it vertically well beyond the canvas boundary. Duplicated the stretched version and ran a very heavy vertical motion blur. Set both stretched layers to overlay and soft light. Fiddled a bit with each layer opacity and added a brightness contrast layer to lighten up the stretched images because the whole piece was becoming too dark.

Next I re-arranged the landscape and shifted it to find a section of it I liked – there are 2 very large trees in image on either side, which I found distracting.

With a curves layer, I darkened Caroline’s grungy overlay. Added a 50% grey layer to add a shadow to the gal enhance the light and dark on her face and glasses and deepen the darks on her outfit. I also enhanced the light ring with white and set the gray layer to overlay and lowered the opacity.

In my original image, I added a blank layer, selected a pink, yellow and blue from the image and painted these colors on the blank layer to deepen these colors and set that to soft light. For today’s re-do, I had to adjust this color overlay with blue on the left, pink on the right and yellow inside the light hoop.

Once I was happy with the overall piece, I ran The Move, duplicated that layer. For one layer, I ran a Distortion Frosted Glass in the Filter Gallery, increasing the distortion to 7 and scale to 115%.

I wasn’t sure which vector image I used, so I picked a new one, added a layer mask and removed some of the unwanted imagery.

Pretty happy with the revised canvas. I’m going to stop at this point, add it to my screensaver rotation and see if it needs any additional adjustments.

Happy creating!