Hi ho art friends,

A couple weeks ago, I took some shots of potential doll changes to my Takashima Extraction characters, Al Keaton and Camille Starfall.

I had a bit of time today to do a finger exercise of my latest options: my Elfdoll K, 62 cm tall, Elfdoll face-up and my Dollmore Lilis Liv/Glorydoll body hybrid 57cm tall, with the Lilis Liv special White face-up. Interestingly, the immature Glorydoll body is roughly the same measurements as my Dollstown Elf Body, so score on being able to use the existing costume.

Here is the portrait of Starfall and Keaton, version 2. Using my own photo of my dolls, Pixabay photos (the 2 city photos), Anna Apsnes background paper, Kim Klassen background paper used as a filter over top of everything to bring it all together, and several Awake class grungy stamps in black and white. Once I was satisfied with the portrait, the created a layer of all visible and ran it through the Filter Gallery, Glass.

I like these two together. They look age-appropriate. He doesn’t tower over her. She looks adorbs with a mohawk and her head seams are not unsightly in this shot. She’s got a world-weary look and he’s got that terrific furrowed brow. These two were made for cyberpunk!

Her costume needs some work. I have to start from scratch for Mr. Keaton’s wardrobe and make him a suit, wig and find shoes.

I’m happy enough with these two to move forward with this story. Stay tuned.