Hi art friends. It’s been few weeks since I fired up Photoshop so after watching a few Brooke Shaden videos, I set up my studio, put on my favorite Ivey Abitz dress, Blanchefleur, and shot a bunch of photos.

I had 2 canvas ideas in mind: “Fly Away” and a new canvas for the portal series, using my LED hoop as the portal.

Today’s post, as you might guess, is the former, “Fly Away.” Influenced by my recent work trip to Dallas and my lifelong love of birds.

Someone once told me they found birds creepy. Creepy? But birds sing and fly. What more could you want?

I shot the image of me in my studio, against my sheet backdrop, using my trusty Canon Rebel and standard kit lens.

“Fly Away” by L. Anne Thompson

I noodled around with this image a lot. Aside from my own self-portrait, the canvas includes images from Awake class content by itKupiLLi, Julie Mead, and Magical Reality.

I tried a number of background papers, Filter Gallery settings, masks, layers. I’m not completely happy with where I stopped but it’s in the neighborhood of what I’m trying to convey: escape.

Due to the lighting at hand, natural light coming from the side facing the camera, none of the light is hitting my face. I tried fixing it Photoshop with a 50% grey layer set to overlay, but didn’t quite get the desired effect.

It hit upon the mostly transparent figure by accident, working through different layer modes. To me it conveys loss of self – as you look upward from the feet, the figure becomes more solid.

The wings, too, were a happy accident. In my digital content stash, I found a pair of stylized butterfly wings made of fabric and lace. Later, I found a steampunk raven and combined the two sets of wings. When I set the fabric/lace wings to overlay, they created a very cool texture over the raven wings.

I’m going to set this one aside for a while. I’m still learning how to set up my tripod and camera to make the most of my single source of light: the giant window at the south end of my studio.

As I write this post, I could set up the sheet as usual so I have less junk to cut out of the image. I would sit on the floor facing the window. My tripod would be extending halfway so I would be looking up toward the camera. I guess. Hmmm. I’ll just have to experiment. Stay tuned.