Cup o flowers

Hi art friends.

When I get stuck on a problem, my favorite way to do that is doodling.

To back things up a bit, prior to my art explorations, I spent my free time crafting: knitting, spinning yarn, jewelry, paper crafts. I am compelled to create. I don’t care if it’s good or crap, I just have to do it, whatever it is. Twenty five years of my work life was spent in health care, which can be really tough. Creating fills my soul and relieves the stress of working for The Man.

Fast forward to 2013, when my doctor ordered me to stop crafting to give my hands a break. Carpel tunnel release surgeries followed, as did a long-term crafting hiatus. It has only been in the past 2 or so years that I’ve been able to sew and that has been limited to crafting for dolls.

By the time my hands healed from surgery, I needed an artistic outlet. Knitting and spinning was too tiring for my hands and that’s when I found Zentangles. Creating these simple patterns was soothing and helped bring back fine motor skills.

Tangling led to mixed media art, which in turn led me back to photography as I photographed my art and that led me digital photo art, which I’d long admired – remember the Stampington publication, Digital Photo Inspiration? I loved that magazine.

As mentioned in my last post, I need to re-think my Takashima characters but that needs to stew in my brain for a while, which is where Procreate comes in.

One of my favorite Procreate artists, Teela Cunningham. Every Tuesday, she posts a short video tutorial and her color palette. The style of her tutorials leans toward illustrative folk-is art, lots of natural forms, easy shapes to draw. Her color palettes are usually limited to 6 or 7 colors and the projects work up quickly.

Last month, she posted her Easy Cup of Flowers in Procreate tutorial on YouTube.

As is my way with art tutorials, I create the first version in the teacher’s style. When I enjoy the tutorial, I create another version and try to make it my own.

Here is the first version, using the same brushes she used.

Here is the second version. I used her color palette with watercolor brushes. Ok, not terribly different than hers but this is for my own personal use, so who cares?

Overall, I’m happy with my version and will continue to explore the cup o something theme. I’m still learning to manage the pressure sensitivity of various brushes. To be honest, I never mastered it when I was using real paints and brushes.

The best thing about digital art is that I no longer worry about ‘messing it up’. As long as I add a new layer before moving to the next stage, everything is fixable.

This cutesy illustrated style is pretty far from the noir world of cyberpunk. I see it as the other side of that coin. The light to balance the dark. I like to wallow in my own crapulence as much as anyone, but sometimes I gotta turn my face to the sun.