Hi ho art friends. As you may have noticed, I made a few changes to the site that would showcase my digital creations.

For the past month or so, I’ve been working through the Build a Site in a Weekend lesson on Awake, scoured artist websites and templates, made notes about what I wanted the site to look like, dabbled briefly with Adobe Muse, which is part of my Creative Cloud subscription. All with the thought that I’d move this page to the Mister’s self-hosted location.

I identified a look I liked, had a chat with the Mister, who reminded me that html coding is hard and knowing that I have minimal interest in getting sidetracked by a career in web design, I took another look through the WordPress templates to see if I could find something close to the look I’m after.

Shoreditch fit the bill. It’s free on my plan so I tried it and spent most of yesterday fine-tuning the settings. The version of this site you’re looking at today. I’m still tweaking a few things, but overall, I’m pleased with the new look. I updated several pages and reorganized the site menu so please poke around and see what’s new.

This morning, feeling chuffed about my success here, and getting up way too early, I rebooted The Introverted Admin site, updated the look of that site, created a logo in Canva and added a new post.

It was at this point that I found a relatively new setting that allows me to create a test version of the site with a different template and finalizing the look before publishing it.  Oh well. Good to know it’s there the next time I play with a site template.

Got my chores done then sat down to create a new canvas. Several folks in the Awake class are going back through the lessons from the beginning and today’s canvas is the result of reviewing Week 2.

The other major influence on this piece are the wild fires raging around the West.  The Evans Canyon fire is, as of this post, is 40% contained. I was concerned that it would continue to burn southwesterly and head toward mom.

Today’s piece is “Fire Escape” another in the Portal series.  Self-portrait, combination of my own photos of Puget Sound (the background mounts are a distorted version of the Olympics), 1 Distressed Textures Foggy Landscape resource and G&T Designs background.

“Fire Escape” by L. Anne Thompson for Tenukihandcrafts, 2020

I’m taking my first vacation of 2020. A staycation, really. Having updated my websites, I can focus on photo artistry for the rest of this week.

Happy creating!