Hi art friends.

This weekend demonstrated why I have trouble going full digital with my art: migraines. Still getting them. Thanks menopause.

Needing to be creative today, I pulled out my character sketchbook, Derwent inktense pencils and pulled together Al Keaton’s character sheet.

The rest of today will be to design 2 other of the Takashima story characters: Miss Camille Starfall and The Corp Sec security goon.

Next steps: storyboard The Morning Report, make the costumes, buy eyes and wigs, make character props, shoot and edit the panels for this story.

Guess I should set a goal: complete The Takashima Extraction graphic novel by February 23, 2021, which would been my dad’s 90 birthday. Holy crap. 90. I had to do the math on that twice.

Stay tuned for more Takashima tidbits.