Hi ho art friends.

I work well with a theme and the monthly Shift Art Challenge is an easy way to 1) work with a them and 2) work with a limited palette. There are very specific rules about submitting entries to the challenge.

This month’s theme is “gratitude.” The images for this month’s theme didn’t do a lot for me, so I decided to just open some of the images, noodle about and see what strikes me.

This is the second image I created. The tentative title is “imagination” but it might be more accurate to call this “Creative Muse” because I’m grateful for my muse and I follow her around wherever she takes me.

Excluding the black and white ‘stamps’ behind my muse, the images are all from the Shift Art Challenge (Pixabay assets, background and model from Caroline Julia Moore).

The stamps are Amanda Rockwell cluster brushes from the Awake class content.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with her, except the title, which I’m still contemplating. As for the canvas itself and looking at it 1 day later, it fits what I was going for.

I like that this canvas is in line with my mixed media art – some text, some texture, some painterly elements.

I’m finding that I want a fabric texture lately. Time to dig through my stash, pull out the scanner and create something to overlay my images. I also want to create a bunch of elements (collages, background papers, brushes and stamps) I can use in my work to more fully reveal my own style, rather than relying on the many class elements.

Oh, and I’m really enjoying Dark Strokes from the Filter Gallery.


Happy creating!