Hi art friends.

I’m writing this on Father’s Day, which a melancholy day since dad passed away nearly 11 years ago. But he’s always nearby in the form of two of his paintings and his West Point portrait that hang in our entry. The last road trip Dad and I took was in early June 1988, when we drove from Ellensburg to Oxford, Mississippi for my summer graduate theatre apprenticeship. I took a photo of dad at a rest area somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. This photo hangs in my studio, where he can look over my shoulder as I work.

“Sea Fairy”

Today’s canvas is “Sea Fairy” and includes my own photos of a beach at Santa Barbara, a wide angle shot of Thall Road, Erin from The Colby Files, Dry Ice 2 from Caroline Julia Moore, wings by ItKuPilli, sparkles from G&T Designs Recollection collection and a Awake class bonus texture, Silver, from Distressed Textures.

My art goal for this weekend was to take what I’ve been learning from binge watching Brooke Shaden and Robert Cornelius videos on YouTube and infuse my own style, developed over the course of my mixed media period into my photo art.

The canvases from the last post, Departure and Arrival, was planned with photos staged specifically to tell that story.

This canvas started as many of my mixed media works: unplanned play and experimentation. I’m feeling rather comfortable in Photoshop. I’ve developed my way of working. Today was an experiment in painting in Photoshop, starting The Colby Files model. She is, of course, gorgeous on her own, but I wanted an ethereal look. Why ethereal? I have no idea, but I kept working and as I changed the color of the wings, from red to blue – that took a lot of experimenting. Color shifting in Photoshop sort of eluded me but perseverance finally won out and I got a blue in the neighborhood of the model’s hair color.

I fiddled around with add more hair, which was sort of successful but I wasn’t totally happy with it, so I set the model aside and started working on the background.

The background is a composite of the cloudscape from Thall Road and the seascape from the beach. I wanted to make use of the model looking over her shoulder and the beach has the tiny figure staring at the sea. The 3rd image of the seascape composite is a macro shot of a very cool shell I found.

I dropped my model composite onto my seascape and that’s when I had the idea to have her emerging from the shell, like a genie from a lamp.

But she’s a fairy. Because I said so.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this canvas. Each time I work in Photoshop, I get my process down and edge closer to the work I’m trying to create.

What are you working on or working towards? Leave a comment; I ‘d love to know what you’re up to.

Happy creating!