Hi friends. Last weekend, I dressed up and had a photoshoot with my Dollshe Bernard (Pure Body, faceup by me) and Dollshe Grown Saint (Pose Body, faceup by me). As usual, I take a ton of photos. The best one sat as my desktop background.

Looking at the image for a minute, I decided that some day, I’d get around to do something more artistic with it.

Today is the day. Here is the original photo. It took quite a bit of fiddling to get them looking at the camera. My Bernard needs to be re-sueded. Mr. Saint hasn’t been sueded. Just didn’t get around to it. My original plan was for a more extensive shoot with my Saint but he refused to stand. Working with 2 dolls wasn’t any easier but they look so good together.

I tried to position them away from the wall, but no dice. The best I could get was for them to lean into each other a bit and rest one shoulder against the wall.

Dollshe Bernard and Grown Saint, unaltered photo

As for the artified version, I toyed with different effects: high pass, oilify, photocopy, edges and all the layer modes and opacities. I’m working toward a neo Classical portrait.

In addition to my own photo of the lads, I used 2LilOwls Revival 18 background as 4 layers (2 black and white and 2 color – I wanted the texture over their faces not the color), Athol’s photo 6 from Awake (which I stretched, Palmer style, heavy Gaussian blur, and 2 passes of Oilify dropped into the background as texture/skyline. This layer mostly vanished by the end, other than to serve as deepening texture. I also used several watercolor brushes and 2 Kate Pertiet Arty Mesh Texture brushed stamped in black on a 50% grey layer set to overlay at a reduced opacity.

I’m pretty happy with the final portrait. I’m getting closer to the style I’m going for with these. The artist who particularly inspires me in this style is Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun (aka Madame LeBrun).


I have come to love the more mature look of the Grown Saint and regret not buying a Grown Bernard head when I had the chance.

Oh, well.

Happy creating!