Hi art friends.

Today, I set up Mr. Keaton for a quick photo shoot. I’m still mulling over the portal series. My plan for this composition is to have Keaton coming through the portal, inviting the viewer to follow him in.

Here is Step 1 of this canvas. It represents what is on Keaton’s side of the portal. Still have to find a suitable portal and foreground (ie the viewer’s side of the portal.

I also wanted to dabble in some black and white photography. Keaton was photographed in color using my trusty Canon Rebel then extracted and desaturated in Gimp. The landscape is a composite of various Eastern Washington landscapes. Composited in color then a desaturated version used for the canvas.

Also used is a 2Lil Owls and Distressed Textures background elements. 2 Lil Owls is the background layer and Distressed Textures over top in overlay mode.

Not sure I like these particular elements but this is a test run anyway, so whatevs. It gives me the impression of where the composition is going.

I wanted Mr. Keaton standing, but he was having none of it. Lack of cooperation aside, I don’t think he will be the final portal figure. I will try Lancaster (grumpy IM Hound), Tennyson (broody Bernard), or Wolf (my lovely Grown Bermann). But, Mr. Keaton was dressed and I wanted to get going on this composition and not spend all day fiddling with dolls.

I know, what?!

To pull this reshoot off, I will probably have to heat up the glue gun and hot glue suede whoever the lucky figure is. None of my Dollshe lads stand well without sueding.

I don’t have shoes for my Dolshe Mystic body. This guy has massive feet. Massive hands. Gorgeous, but it’s been such a pain finding clothes and shoes to fit him.

Plenty of shoes for the Dollshe Pure and Old Hound bodies. Yeah, so, there it is. Gonna take out one of my scrawny, I need a Sammich Dollshe lads and reshoot the Portal Boy.

Just for giggles, I tried a different 2LilOwls texture at the bottom and a copy overlayed at the top of the layer stack. I didn’t do highlights and shadows because I’m fiddling about.


Portal Boy. Better than a Pool Boy, because he invites you to another world.

If you like that sort of thing. Frankly, who doesn’t want to escape the horse hockey of today’s shelter at home world?

Happy arting!