Hi friends.

Taking a diversion from digital canvases today for a bjd faceup post. It’s been quite a long time since my last faceup.

One of the sculpts I’ve been enchanted with since getting into the bjd hobby is the Dollstown Lucille. I picked up the head 9 months ago and it’s been blank ever since. I really wanted to commission a faceup from the person I attribute with getting me into this hobby – o, her beautiful Dollshe lads!

Sadly, she hasn’t been commissioning faceups for a couple years. Not being able to deal with a blank head, I took to painting my Lucille today.

This gal just isn’t turning out as planned. The Lucille head (Dollstown Oriental skin color) was supposed to be used with the Volks hybrid doll I bought for a song on the Den of Angels Marketplace.

The Volks doll body is roughly 12 years old and quite yellowed. As it turns out, not a good match for the Dollstown Lucille’s Oriental skin. This particular batch looks paler and less yellow than my Dollshe oriental skin lads. Dollshe manufactures the Dollstown dolls, so I’d hoped for a good color match with the Volks body.

I considered saving up for a Dollstown body, but I just don’t have space for another full doll. Just for laughs, I put the Lucille head on my Glorydoll body and it’s quite good. It’s a slim SD, well-suited to the Dollstown gal.

For today’s projects, I used Liquitex Matte Medium, Volks and DaVinci pastels, Talen’s Gouache watercolors and Prismapencils.

She doesn’t have a name, story, or a plan. As I mentioned, I’d hoped to commission a faceup artist, who specializes in artist’s choice faceups and then my gal’s story and character would develop from there.

The Liquitex Matte Medium worked pretty well with no smell, unlike the distinct smell of Mr. Super Clear. I wasn’t able to get rid of the brush strokes. I’d hoped those would smooth out as the matte medium dried, which was a silly thought because it doesn’t smooth out on canvas.

For a playlist, I listened to the Supreme Beings of Leisure, Portishead, Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation.

You know, Shoegazer Music.

It took several layers to pastel to get the shading I wanted. I added the Prisma pencils. Another layer of pastels and then started with the gouache. And then it struck me: I could mask the irritating brush strokes with freckles. The freckles were created with gouache.

I made a quickie outfit for my unnamed gal using my old tee shirts. The tights pattern is from MHD Designs Sans Pretension. The dress and vest are DIY tee shirt hacks I found online. Gotta love minimal sewing! The shoes are a pair I made several years ago.

I’m not sure about the eyes, which I borrowed from one of my Hounds. Also not a fan of the wig. Lucille definitely needs a wig with bangs because she’s got a huge melon. I have very few 9 inch girl wigs. The wig in the photo is a Monique Gold Red Panda. Superadorbs on Ginger (Elfdoll Soah); not so much on my Lucille, due, I think to the front of the wig being white against Lucille’s pale skin.

Perhaps it just the eye and wig combination. I’d also like her to have longer hair. Possibly eyelashes. I just hate gluing in eyelashes. Such a pain.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with her. I’m not sealing her faceup. I’m living with it until I get the wig and possibly different eyes. Or, Buddha willing, the faceup artist taking commissions. I will wipe this girls face in a hot second if I ever get a commission slot with this artist.

Love the freckles. She’ll be the model in a future canvas. Possibly the next in the Portal Series.

Stay tuned. Thanks for hanging out with me and my dolls today.

Happy creating!