Hi ho art friends.

I love my new job, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to spend developing a more complex canvas. So the photosketching continues.

“Thinking of Keaton” is a visual representation of what’s going on when you’re thinking about someone. It’s like they are with you, but it’s just chemicals in your brain.

Keaton is my Dollshe Grown Saint, faceup by me. Clothes by Dollmore.

Diana is my Volks F34 on an SD13 body. The face-up artist is unknown. Outfit was made by me with MHD Designs Le Pantalon vest (fits the Volks SD13 body perfectly), pretty sure the dress is a Gracefaerie Designs, although I don’t recall which – I have several and they mix/match well) and no idea about the source of the beret pattern. I made the necklace using chain, silver wire and random blue and green beads I have on hand.

The background textures include, as usual, a 2 Lil Owls background from the Artist series (Awake class content), a Caroline Julia Moore overlay (Awake class content) and my own photos of tree bark and a view of Puget Sound from Seneca Street.

I didn’t get as much of Diana’s right side masked as I would like, but hey, it’s a sketch. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Just set the mood.

What are you working on? Leave a comment and link. I’d love to check it out.

Happy creating!