Hi art friends.

The Procreations continue with “On My Nerves. ” The figure was sketched in one of my Leuchterm journals and colored with Zebra Mildliner.

The drawing and blurry city background are my own images. I also used a 2 Lil Owls background paper. I’m not completely happy with the dodging around my figure. Overall, though, I’m pretty happy with this quick portrait.

My skills with Procreate are improving. Although there is no simple way to do The Move (create a new layer from visible), a quick search pointed me to the obvious solution I hadn’t considered: duplicate all the layers, then merge them down to a single new layer. Hm. Tedious, but worth a try.

Noir City 2020 is over and I’m trying to get back into the full digital art groove. I missed the February Shift Art deadline but the next post will be the result of my efforts, or: sometimes the art doesn’t work out like you envisioned.

Happy creating!