Surveillance Report TS-AK-101

To: Konno Ryozo, TakSec Director From: Gerlind Sanger, Security Chief, Investigations Unit Subject: Aloysius Keaton, Takashima IT Security Department Attachment: photo of Keaton, taken during off-compound excursion on 2070.09.13 Subject has been a Takashima employee for seven years. Unremarkable employee, rated as having average tech security skills, Keaton has been a model employee. Until 3 … Continue reading Surveillance Report TS-AK-101

Palmerized Noir

Hi art friends. Its the middle of Noir City Seattle and my art time is limited to  Procreate exercises. A couple morguefile images, a 2 Lil Owls paper and Rebecca McMeen overlay. Masks, warp, and a use for Hard Light layer setting. And Robert is your brother's uncle. Happy creating.