Hi art friends.

Before I dig into the meat of today’s post, I want to take a moment to appreciate you, my followers. I am thankful you spend time with me and my various art meanderings. I love your comments and interacting with each of you. I am looking forward to another artful year with you!

At the end of every year, I review my goals and accomplishments of the past year and make a few decisions for the year ahead. This year, I thought I’d share the results of my 2019 goals, which were: create a marketing plan for my art; submit canvases to art competitions; create digital kits to sell; make art daily; create 5 canvases for my cyberpunk story.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my results. I created 5 cyberpunk canvases, made art 3-4 days per week, submitted my art to the Light Space Time Botanicals competition (and received honorable mentions); and submitted several canvases to Living the Photo Artistic Life. Two canvases were published in the September 2019 issue.

I did not make a marketing plan and my sales reflect that. Most of my non work time was spent job hunting and setting up our home following the major remodel, so I didn’t participate in any local art shows. I also did not create any digital printables, although I made several digital artworks available for sale in my Etsy shop this year.

As usual, I examine the statistics on my socials and my followers are up here (thank you!) and generally, my numbers are up. My Society6 page yielded 1 sale in 6 years. It may be my connection or lack of skills, but uploading takes forever and it’s not the easiest site to work with. Given all these factors, my Society6 shop is closed as of today.

Another site that was not providing enough value for the time spent was my Facebook page, Tenukihandcrafts Visual Arts. It is now deactivated.

Update 1/3/20 – sad news: the Artboja site has been discontinued. I’ll evaluate the options for getting my digital art into the world.

I am keeping my Instagram, twitter and Youtube accounts on the socials. I have the most followers on the Insta and the twitter, making these the logical accounts to keep. I’m keeping Youtube because of the ability to organize my videos into playlists.

Overall, 2019 was a good year for Tenukihandcrafts. I got my art out there for more people to see and grew my tribe a bit. I hope to spend 2020 focusing on the activities that matter the most, both personally and professionally. But the 2020 goals are a post for another day.

What are your goals for the year ahead? Leave a comment or link to your site. I’ll cheer for you and your plans for 2020.

I wish you and yours a bright 2020!