My new art supplies

Hi art friends.

I have been collected Accolades points at work for a while, thinking I would kit out my Canon Rebel. The only problem is: the Accolades shop has the fancier Canon bodies in a points range well beyond what I’m likely to collect any time soon and I already have the 2 lenses in the shop.

In looking at the other options, I came across the Apple section. I found I had enough points for a 6th Generation Ipad. After some research, I decided to go for it. I’ve been hearing a lot about Procreate in the photo art circles and there are more photo manipulation choices than are available for Android.

So I spent my points and got the Ipad. It didnt come with the pencil, so I picked that up; paid for Procreate and got to arting.

I made a few digital items and then found the time lapse function.

This is the 5th or so piece I’ve created by hand in Procreate. By working on class projects, which are already experiment and play, I feel less pressure to noodle about than if I was working in a photo. I’m not sure why that feels different. I’m just going with it.

My existing GIMP skills has transferred quickly to Procreate. I’ve still got a lot to learn so I’m continuing my taking all those art classes I bought and working through them digitally.

Today’s time lapse video is the 9×12 page I created for Tamara Laportes mini class, “Turn a little into a lot!” It is an art journal exercise to make a front-facing portrait using, you guessed it, limited art supplies.

Since I’m working digitally, my limited supplies are the brushes that came with Procreate. I haven’t created or purchased any brushes. I did create a palette for this piece with 10 colors, including black and white. I mostly stuck to the palette but I have to admit I added on a couple of colors toward the end.

I’m enjoying creating art on the Ipad using Procreate and the Apple pencil. I have yet to tap into all the Procreate goodness. I’ve tried scanning hand drawn art and editing it in GIMP, with varying degrees of success but I’m really impressed with the painting effect I can pretty easily achieve in Procreate. The brushes operate like the real thing. It caught me off guard at first but I’m finding my groove with Procreate.

Just using GIMP, I found I missed my actual art supplies. I spent a couple hours working on this canvas and I didn’t once miss my art supplies.

My plan is to spend more time on these art journal style works for a while in order to get my arms around Procreate and using the Apple Pencil but I am looking forward to trying this out on some photos and see what I can do with that.

Happy arting!