Hi art friends.

It’s November so the annual Seattle Go Center Pair Go Tournament is almost upon us.

Last Sunday, I took some dolled up dolls to the SCG. Brian, the Operations Manager, brought his pro photo equipment and we spent a couple hours shooting dolls in the tatami room.

I used my Canon Rebel, fitted with Brian’s fancy remote flash trigger, aided by 2 studio lights. Nope, can’t tell you technical specs on those. One giant flood type and one very bright more focused (like a Fresnel…but not). We experimented with flash and camera settings until we got the moody look I love.

As always, I took a lot of photos. Only 40 this year. I must be slipping.

The game on the board is the Second Ten-Game Match between Fujisawa Kuranosuke 9-Dan (white) and Go Seigen 9-Dan (black). Game 4, “The one that was grumpy Fujisawa’s masterpiece.”

Chosen because Kaneda, my Elfdoll K, has a nice frown. Also featured is my Dollmore Lilis Liv hybrid – both facing the camera; Volks F-34 and B&G Doll Rin (with their backs to the camera). The image chosen for the poster was one of the last shots of the day. If I’d known how serious Kaneda looked, I would have placed a lot more stones on the board.

I tried 2 versions of the poster: the straight photo, which didn’t need a single bit of editing and a more artistic version.

For the grungy version, I duplicated the photo twice. I used Find Edges, stretched the curves to a pretty steep S curve and inverted it for a sketch look and added a black mask. The second copy was run through the Artistic Oilify filter with a white mask. I used various Awake brushes to hide/reveal the artistic layers. Set both other overlay. Added an Anna Aspnes background (Art Play Mini Palette Aegis Solid Paper 1. I rotated 180 degrees because I didn’t like where the artsy bits fell on the image. And used the Clone Stamp to remove some of the less attractive grunge on the dolls faces.

Naturally, I liked the grungy version better, but I put both on the poster, showed them to Bill and asked which he preferred. I was pleasantly surprised that he liked the grungy version because, “it looks more like a painting.”


Here’s the final image:

“Pair Go 2019” tournament photo, by L. Anne Thompson

In past years, the posters have been printed tabloid size. There is a cluster of Pair Go posters in the main entrance to the Go Center (my permanent art installation!). With 7 posters, the entrance wall has run out of space. The past posters will be moved to a different wall and the 2019 poster will be printer larger to take up a nice chunk of the main wall.

I’m very happy with the way the 2019 Pair Go photo turned out. There are only 6 layers to the image but they effectively create a painterly look.

What’s on your work table (virtual or actual)? Leave me comment and link. I’d love to see what you’re working on.

Happy creating!