Hi ho art friends.

My art supplies lingered in the outside storage just a little too long. Through the 2019 Snowpocalypse. Arcylics are delicate snowflakes and need to be stored at room temperature.

I don’t really want to replace all those bottles. Plus, I have been enjoying the open space in my studio. I don’t want to clutter it back up. And as much as I love paper and blank books and art journals, I am more interested in minimizing the crap in my studio.

My Gimp skills are coming along nicely; I’m currently running Gimp 2.10. With a virtual ton of digital papers, brushes and ephemera from Awake, Kaizen, Photoshop Grunge Artistry and various kits found at G&T designs, I have a lot of choices.

Today, I found a nifty video of Tangie Baxter going over the basics of digital art journaling. One of Tangie’s comments in the video is that she can crank out these art journal pages in 15 minutes.

I’m still a newbie to digital art journaling and this page took me about an hour. Following Tangie’s advice, I selected about 10 elements that caught my eye in the moment and started playing. She also suggested adding song lyrics; one element references bicycles so I chose Queen’s “I want to ride my bicycle” lyrics.

I used content from: G&T Designs Recollections PA accents 1, Jopke Designs Mini Mix 3 text strip, Rebecca McMeen’s Urbanology One Brick Wall and Mandala Circle Collage 4, Tangie Baxter Compendium 1 Graffiti Collages, Jan VanHolthe 1, Distressed Textures Spring Butterflies 10 and Navy Antique.

For this page, I employed layers to remove unwanted bits; a white paint splat brush, a transparent layer with black and white painted with a soft brush for highlights and shadows; adjusted each the layers in some way: resized, rotated, flipped, employed various layer modes,transparencies, color balance, levels,

Digital art journal page with a vintage bicycle theme and using a variety of digital ephemera.
“Bicycle Playtime” art journal page

Sebastian Michael calls this sort of work a finger exercise.

Working on this page tonight, I realized I missed working freely and without expectations in my art journals.

Finger exercise, art journal page. Tomato, to-mah-toe.

Calling it an art journal page satisfies my art mess making urge.

What’s on your work table, virtual or otherwise? Leave a comment and a link. I’d like to check out your projects.

Happy creating!