Hi art friends.

Although this blog has been around for five years, I had a couple of blogs over at blogger since 2006. My first blog (Musings of a Crafty Wench) started as a way to make myself publicly accountable to finishing my various craft projects. Over the years, I’ve tried having separate my blogs, shops and social media outlets, got overwhelmed and consolidated, only to split everything up again. This site started the last time I kept my life parts compartmentalized.

I started the blog “The Introverted Admin” in 2017 to document my journey toward taking the IAAP Certified Administrative Professional exam. In the course of that project, I finally admitted to myself that all my administrative jobs pointed to an actual career.

In my mind, I’ve treated my arts and crafts separately from my administrative work. This duality is not new. I’m mixed race – half Native American on my mother’s side and Scottish/German on my father’s side. I pursued my degree in the arts while working at my first admin job.

I’ve been debating this consolidation for a while. We finally live in a world where it’s acceptable to have a side hustle (thanks Millennials!) so merging the two makes sense. I recently ran a google search about managing multiple interests (multipassionate sounds too much like poly-amorous for my taste) and found this short video, “How to be multipassionate without looking flaky” by Maria Forleo. One of her tips is to experiment while you’re unknown.

And you know what that means: a website reboot, but don’t worry. I’m not going to shut down and relaunch. Instead, I’m going to transition my other blog, “The Introverted Admin” over here.

I’m taking Maria’s advice and embracing this as part of who I am.

I hope you’ll join me on this next phase.

Happy creating!

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  1. I love the idea and look forward to hearing more. I too have outside passions and am looking forward to how you put them together.

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