Hi ho, art friends.

My firm gave everyone the 5th of July off, so I’m using this day in my barely set up remodeled studio, to work on some digital art. This composition came to me while I was watching the Month 6 training videos in Kaizen.

Today’s post is a sketch, if you will, of a canvas called, “The Takashima Extraction.” This is Ginger and Hiro’s first meeting.

Ginger is hired as part of a team to extract Mr. B from his corp. Unbeknowst to her, a second extraction team is hired, that includes Hiro. During the extraction, the two teams meet and clash. At the end of the battle, Hiro and Ginger are the only survivors.

“The Takashima Extraction”

As I mentioned, my studio is barebones. My resin crew are back in the house, but none of them have wigs.

The photo of the dolls and the mysterious round stuff at the top left (it’s part of the Seattle Center, under the Science Center…cool location…) I also used some backgrounds and elements from the Awake and Kaizen classes.

I’ll noodle over the adjustments until I get everyone’s wigs and clothes back. Hiro and Ginger should be looking at the body. Next time, I’ll get a full view of the body. Hiro and Ginger need weapons.

The “blood” was part of the staging. I put my Dollshe Hound on a red cloth then used a watercolor brush and a black mask to unmask a pool of blood. I create the bullet wound digitally and used the color from the fabric for the blood stain on his shirt. Mr. B’s hair is a composite. And the steampunk elements were just a bit of silliness to cover their bald heads.

The models are: Ginger, Elfdoll Soah with original Elfdoll faceup and Dollheart’s Dark Rock Ryan outfit with Dollheart platform shoes; Hiro, B&G Rin with original B&G faceup and wearing an outfit I made with unknown brand Converse knock offs; and Alec, my Dollshe Open Eyed Hound, faceup by me and wearing a Dollmore suit.