Hi ho friends.

There’s a lot going on at Tenuki HQ – the house remodel is very close to finished; half of the admins at work are on vacay, so it’s been a bit like chasing a train downhill; and the Seattle International Film Festival kicked off on Thursday. The Mister and I are seeing 14 movies this year.

Squeezing in art making has been a bit tough, but the gimp-speriments continue.

I’m testing out Gimp 2.10, downloaded directly from the Gimp site installer.

I love the old style of painted portraits so today is my digital mixed media art take on such a portrait. Our subject today is Maisie, my 2005 Narae, French resin, original faceup, Monique wig, and dress I made from a pattern by the now-defunct BJD magazine.


The photo of Maisie is my own. The background is Caroline Julia Moore’s Autumn Gold 2 background, plus my own photos of leaves, snow falling outside my studio and an art journal page scan of blue watercolors with salt distressing.

The original photo of Maisie is was taken in the living room one night, against our black couch. I made 2 copies of the photo. One layer used the Edge filter, desaturated for a sketchy look. Both copies were black masked with different sections for an image that faded to the background. I used various Awake class stamps for the unmasking, which is the source of the text and doodly imagery on the portrait. I then created a new layer from visible and moved that layer to the background.

For finishing touches, I added the Foxey Squirrel Royal Assent postcard, masked to fade out, Amanda Rockwell decorated edges overlay and G&T Designs butterfly. Added a few black paint spatters, added a 50% layer for dodging and burning. Fiddled with my layers modes and opacities until I was mostly happy with the finished canvas.

This is a first draft of “Maisie.” I’d like the imagery to fade to the background a bit more, but this is a good start. But that’s a project for another day – it’s time to head out for our first SIFF 2019 movie.

What are you working on? Leave a comment; I’d love to stop by and check out your works-in-progress.

Happy creating!

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