HI ho art friends.

I love complex imagery but want to express it without filling a page to the edge so I continue to experiment with layer masks in Gimp.

Rather than use a soft round brush for concealing or revealing portions of the image, I have been trying out various brushes I’ve been collecting and applying them with varying levels of opacity. I am really enjoying how this style looks like my mixed media collage paintings, but without the edge to edge madness. The viewer’s eyes need a break from continuous information. I want you to find new things in my paintings, but I don’t want to hurt your brain.

The layer aspect of digital photomanipulation has released my fear of “messing up.” On an actual substrate, it’s easy to go too far because you can’t undo the last step. It becomes a mind game of “do I add one more layer?”

“Spring in the City” features my own photos of a dahlia after rain, taken at the Hollyhock garden in 2009; a black and white photo of the back of the Open Circle Theater in Seattle that I edited and turned into a grungy stamp, as well as butterfly stamps from G&T Designs (purchased with the Commercial license) and a variety of Awake class brushes.

I created the building stamp after creating this version, which uses one of Jen Maddox’ stamps. I will also be experimenting with creating more grungy brushes. It’s also a look I really like.

“Urban Spring”

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What art are you currently working on ? Drop my a line or a link. I’d love to check out your work.

Happy creating!