Hi ho art friends.

Today’s Shadowrun portrait is the 2nd of my 3 Technomancers: Cassie, as she enters the Matrix.

This portrait features my photos of Seattle, Lilis Liv/Glorydoll hybrid, a photo from Angicon last year. I also used escrap background canvas 10, chain and watch. The model (Cassie’s Matrix avatar) is Colby Files’ Rissa Loco.

As with the previous portraits, the images (excluding Casses ICE charm) were duplicated, Blur/Oilified, Edged, masked/unmasked. To show the meat space vs the Matrix, I decreased the edge reveal on the meatspace (Cassie’s) side and increased the neon edge reveal on the Matrix side.

This version is slightly different than the one on the Welcome page. It is more proof of concept of the Matrix. I’m not totally happy with the canvas. .

“Cassie enters the Matrix”

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