Hi ho art friends.

The home remodel continues, as does my limitation to create art digitally. I had been working mainly with my digital photographs. Today, I decided to create a work akin to what I would create on an actual canvas or art journal.

I was inspired by this video by Vicki Robinson and a recent Awake lesson that featured Rebecca McMeen.

I chose a scan of one of my art journal pages, “too much time on her hands.”

“Too Much Time on Her Hands” art journal page by L. Anne Thompson for Tenukihandcrafts

I fiddled around for a couple of hours with incorporating the entire page, covering the text. In the end, though, I just wanted the girl, plus all the corrections took a rather long time, so I duplicated the layer, cut her out and put her on a new 9″x12″ white background page.

My original plan was going to put flowers in her hair, but looking through my library of digital content, I found Tangie Baxter’s octopus from the Awake class lessons and had to use that in her hair. I also used Tangie’s Compendium 2 Gesso 7 and Graffiti Infrastructure No 1 brush; Rebecca McMeen’s Scribble Collages 4A, Foxey Squirrel Overlay 11 and Viva Fragements text 3, all color-adjusted to work with my piece.

The corrections to her face included: clone stamp to remove the slash running across her face, the color pencil marks I used to sketch out her face, and enhance her shadows and highlights with the dodge and burn tool.

For the background, I started with a white page, applied canvas and used a watercolor brush, set to about 50% opacity, really large size (around 700) with Basic Dynamics turned on (to rotate the brush and randomize the size) and 2 colors: a teal and a yellow-green. The yellow-green was sampled from the original art journal page. The teal I chose from memory of Golden’s Teal, which is a delicious color and one of my favorites.

In all, I probably spent as much time as I would have if this were a 9″x 12″ watercolor mixed media painting, less time spent waiting for layers to dry and brushes to wash.

“Beulah’s Fascinator” by L. Anne Thompson for Tenukihandcrafts

For the next digital mixed media art piece I work on, I will spend more time making corrections to the face and skin color. As I’m looking at Beulah now, I would have corrected her nose, which is supposed to be upturned, corrected her gaze and fixed her lips. Well, I could go on about Beulah’s faults, but let’s not make her feel bad. 🙂

Beulah’s Fascinator is my best digital mixed media work to date and looks most like the mixed media work I create in meat space, so I’m inspired to keep working with digital mixed media art.

I’m planning a Gimp digital canvas tutorial series once I have my studio set up after the remodel. Stay tuned for new Gimp-torials.

Happy creating!