Hi ho art friends.

I’ve been steadily working through Sebastian Michael’s “Awake” class.  Not rushing through, mind you, because I finally found the class that is bringing my photography into a more artistic realm and making use of my mixed media art.

As a member of the private Facebook group, I’ve been enjoying everyone’s art, but the style that really struck me was a combination of a painterly style over a sketch.

Last Sunday was my art day and the lesson I’d been waiting for.  I’ve spent a lot of time working on this lesson.  I’d been trying to figure out how to get a more painterly effect using the built-in filters, but it wasn’t delivering the result I wanted. It looked like I ran a photo through a canned filter.

I finally learned the secret. And then felt kinda dumb because it amounts to basically created 2 duplicate layers of your photo. One is turned into a sketch using Edges, some Level and/or curves adjustment to blow out the whites and darken the darks, desaturating the color, and voila! Sketch from photo.  The second part involves using a black layer mask and a variety of watercolor brushes and white to reveals parts of the photo. Plus whatever additional artsy layers you want, maybe a border. Sign. Done.

I’ve made several of these canvases. Here are my favorites.

Included in the class is a lot of artist content, along with permission to use the material as part of new art work.

“Mukilteo Lighthouse.” Features my own photo, overlay by Amanda Rockwell and 2 Lil Owls background.


“3 Lotus Blossoms,” with my own line art and lotus blossom photo; plus a background by Foxey Squirrel.3 lotus blooms

“3 Lotus Blossoms” uses one of my extracted artworks, Mediation Girl, which was a pencil sketch that I put quite a lot of time on then scanned. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I’ve tried to extract her.  This time, however, I’ve exacted her but also learned a lot more about layer modes.

The next lesson makes use of extractions and groovy photo collaging. I’ve got to build a collection of extracted images before I move on.

What are you working on to push your art to something new? Leave a comment and/or link. I’d love to stop by and see what your latest art.

Happy creating!