Hi ho art friends.

As you know, I’m taking Sebastian Michael’s Awake class. I’m learning so much but a frustration I’m feeling is that because I use the Gimp on Linux, I can’t easily make use of things like Topaz Impression.

So, I get to figure it out creative ways to make Gimp behave more painterly.

Hence today’s experiment.

Here is a photo of my Dollshe Grown Bermann, Wolf, against a black backdrop. I had been shooting my crew in front of a white background, but Cheryl Austin of Dinks Dolls uses a black background and her dolls look amazing, so I had to try it.

Here is the original photo of Wolf:


I found a tutorial on converting a photo to a watercolor in Gimp. I followed the directions, mostly.  I found I didn’t get as much painterlyness as I wanted, so I added a 2nd, increased Gaussian blur and followed that with the Artistic Filter Gimpressionist. I added one of Rebecca McMeen’s backgrounds provided in the Awake class and set the layer mode to Screen at 81%. I also added a Layer of All Visible set to Grain Merge at 20%.

I think it’s headed in the direction I want. This technique might be more effective with a non-portrait image.


I like the way Wolfie turned out, but this technique is going to take some more experimentation.  The next version will be a seascape, I think. I have a lot of photos from the trip to Cannon Beach.

Stayed tuned for more artsy photos.

Happy creating!