Hi ho art friends. My apologies for the long time since my last post. I’ve been focused on recovering from my second knee replacement. Both surgeries went well and I’m progressing much more quickly this time, due to so many months of daily physical therapy exercises between surgeries. I’m nearly finished with the twice weekly PT visits. My plan is to get back into a rhythm with regular posting by the end of October.

Progress in Life Book 2018 has been hit and miss.  Rather than working on the “pages” every week, I work on several assignments over a weekend.  And I have to admit that I tend to skip over the healing portion.  I’ve found my own rhythm with using art journaling for my healing process.

I’ve mostly been focused on the Sebastian Michael’s digital photography classes. I’m very comfortable using Gimp now and have explored many of the features.

Here is an untitled work from the 2nd week of Awake. Made in Gimp. I used a vector graphic and artistic overlay from the Photoshop Artistry class; model from the Awake class; and my own photos of a sculpture at the Seattle Center and sunset from the southeast side of Queen Anne. I’d call it more of an art journal style page than a finished work.  I haven’t gotten it the to point where I love it. But I fiddle with it now and then. It might turn into something new. Or not.  It’s all good.

W2-exercise3-jen What are you working on?  Leave a comment or link. I’d love to stop by and check out your latest project.

Happy creating!