Hi art friends.

I’m putting all the effort into photo manipulation because I am working on a project that merges my photography, mixed media art, and dolls to tell a cyberpunk illustrated story. Today’s post doesn’t have a direct connection to the story. It’s just a way to merge all my artwork into one image.  Also, I’ve been trying to find a use for the photo of the meadow at Lion Rock.  I’ve got at least 2 versions of this photo and haven’t been happy with the outcome until this image.

For “Wolf dreams of a meadow,” I used 2 mixed media paintings, the meadow photo, and the photo of Wolf.

It took a rather long time to edit the doll layer mask with to clear the background. I love the look of fur wigs, which Wolf is wearing, but it’s a pain to clean up with photos. I can see why SDink has a sprayer filled with water that she uses on her doll wigs before her photoshoots – the water tames the wigs and makes them easier to deal with, photographically.


I painted Wolf’s face; made his wig and sweater.

As for the story, it is mapped out. One set of costumes is designed and the fabric purchased. Wolf will be paired up with Lysander, my Soom Sabik, as one of the Voltaggio Brothers. Yeah, after the chefs. It’s sounds great and the story will have a lot of random references.

Happy arting!