Hi art friends.

Four years ago, our friends Deborah and Brian invited to Deborah’s Cannon Beach family beach house for the weekend.  I love Cannon Beach and took a lot of photos. Ok, I always take a lot of photos.

This was the summer the starfish were dying of that terrible wasting disease.  The weather that weekend was gorgeous. The beach was pretty much barren of, well, pretty much everything.  No shells, no star fish, barely any seaweed. Very post-Apocalyptic.

Anywho, I forgot my tripod.  The night I took this, the sky was clear. As you can see from the photo, I did not get the shot. My hands shook during the very long exposure. I’ve been trying for years to get the adjustments on the photo just to see what I managed to capture. I have 2 photos and they both look black on screen. But I shoot raw and this is what I did.

Curves adjustment, white balance adjustment moonlight setting. The lights in the sky are stars.


I really wish I’d taken my tripod, a shuttle release cable and more skill with manual settings. This is a shot I’ll be trying to capture for the rest of my life. Yeah, it’s a terrible photo, but what’s there is so tantalizing to me. It is enough to trigger my memory of this beautiful night with good friends.