Hi ho, art friends.  Today is my last day of medial leave after my 2nd total knee replacement.  Twelve months of physical therapy and knowing more about the healing process means that I’m recovering much more quickly.  I’m using my cane less and less around the house, but I’m still moving quite slowly.  Let’s not even get started on dealing with walking amongst people who are glued to their cell phones and don’t watch where they’re going.

Anywho, as mentioned in previous posts, I’m working through Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry Grunge class.  About a month ago, he offered a deal to get the Awake class (the advanced version of PAG) in anticipation of a big price jump.

As you know, I’m an online art class junkie, so naturally, I signed up for it. I went through the Awake class intro. His recommendation was to get through Module 2 of PAG, which has 3 sections and a lot of videos. Module 2 is the meat of PAG and I’m learning a ton about photo manipulation and is the preparation for Awake.

I’m going to see how far I get today on Module 2. I’m hoping to get through it so I can dive into Awake.  I wanted to share a photo I’ve been working on.  It’s getting close to where I want it. Here is the original photo, taken at the Toppenish Wildlife Refuge.  It would have been a beautiful blue sky day but for the local brush fires. Shortly after this photo, mom and I went back to her place because one of the fires was near the Refuge.

The original photo. Not terribly interesting but I like the off-center perspective of the planks leading up to the gazebo.


Here is the first version, which I completed about halfway through Module 2 Section 2:


I used several textures provided with the class, various blend and opacity modes. I liked the dramatic “day for night” feel of it, but the foreground was too dark for my taste.

Dramatic-refuge-gazebo-PWL-v2_5541 I created a new version of the file, made a few tweaks to the existing layers and added 2 of what Sebastian calls “paint with light” layers: a 50% grey overlay layer and a paint with color layer, this one a yellow that I “painted around the greenery and windows of the gazebo.

It’s pretty close, but I have 3 videos remaining in Mod 2 Section 2.  I can’t wait to see the next version of this image.

What are you working on? Leave a comment and a link. I’d like to check out your latest project.

Happy creating!