My latest obsession: junk journals

Hi ho art friends.

Almost 2 years ago, I took a class from Tangie Baxter called “As If By Magic” a short 4 lesson self-study class on making junk journals. I put the journal together from my stash of half-finished art works on water color paper and scrapbook paper.

For some reason, the class just didn’t grab me.  Tangie is a fine teacher but it just wasn’t time for me. So I set the journal aside and went to work on other projects.

About a month before my knee surgery, I got this hankering for junk journaling.  So I re-watched the class video and found the journal.  And it sat again…

Until I was recovering from knee surgery.  That’s when I found the new world of junk journaling: lots of shabby chic, vintage journals using digital printables. I watched lots of youtube videos but my favorite folks are Artymaze, Yvonne Preston and Patricia Viramontes.

Although it would take me 3 weeks post surgery to get to my studio, I enlisted the help of my better half to bring the basics of junk journal supplies down to the dining room table, where I set about to make, well, a bunch of junk journals.

To date, I have finished 4 journals and recorded flip throughs.  Here they are:

Junk Journal #1 Vintage style. Soft cover, 1 signature:

Junk Journal #2 My own style. Soft cover, 1 signature:

Junk Journal #3 Pseudo vintage style, using Artymaze kit (main & add-on) Back to Nature:

Junk Journal #4 My personal planner for the remainder of 2018:

Journals #1 and 4 are my personal journals for planning and general notes/goal setting.

Journals 2 and 3 were gifted to my mom. When I told her about my junk journal adventures, she said she had some stuff for me. She brought me all manner of fabrics, laces, yarns, and photo paper.

You can expect to see more junk journals in the future. It’s great to use up the materials in my stash!

Happy crafting!