Hi art friends.

I have been scheduling my posts several weeks out as part of my on-going plan to make regular posts. I’m actually writing this post in late March when I’m in my full digital photo experimentation mode.

The reason I’m posting so far in advance is that May is going to be busy with SIFF and in June, I have my other knee replacement. It’s a bit of a mad dash to get the posts scheduled through the first month post surgery.  I’ll be on painkillers and won’t be online until I’m weaned off the drugs.

i’m digging into old photos and various artworks and re-imagining them with Gimp and digiKam.

Today’s image is a photo from several years ago. A dear friend was selling her condo/office that was decorated in a very cool 30s decor.

This vase of flowers was on the kitchen counter. I adjusted the curves, bumped the colors into the yellow range, used the X Process filter and an unsharpen mask. I love the mysterious reflections in the vase.