I don’t recall the first time I saw this style of mixed media assemblage art, but I am pretty sure it was in one of the Stampington and Company publications, which I’ve loved since way back in my rubber stamping days.

What renewed my interest was Finnabair’s lesson in Life Book 2014, I’ve been enchanted with her style of blending portraits and assemblage art.

For the past few months, I’ve been watching and rewatching the videos on her youtube channel. I like how she incorporates self-portraits; however, I’m not a big fan of my own selfies.  I do enjoy paint over collage.  So I took a few new selfies with the goal of using them as paint-overs and picked this one for today’s piece.

The collage started on a wrapped canvas and colored with Neocolor 2 water soluable crayons.  I set the crayons with a layer of white gesso and followed that with crackle paste through some of my favorite stencils.  After gluing down my portrait, I mixed some Decoart lavendar with modeling paste, which I pushed through a round stencil design for my hair/halo.

A blend of Santa’s Flesh, Titan Buff, and clear gesso covers my face and I glued down some decorative paper for my dress. 

At the moment, I’m sidetracked with my photoshop artistry class, but I’ll get back around to finishing this painting and post the results.

Happy arting!