Hi art friends.

I’m still processing the Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry Grunge class. I’ve reached the stage where I watch a video; figure out how to do the same moves in Gimp, then incorporate the lesson into several composite images. This is one of the images.

The doll is Rose, my Dollmore Youth Eve Lilis Liv (head) Special edition and Glorydoll body. Wig by Luts, outfit by me.

The original photo of Rose was taken in my studio; the stuff on the left side of the frame always bothered me, so my layers were chosen to minimize that stuff.

There are 3 photos in this image: Rose, a photo of the ceiling at the Rebar from a theatrical production of “The Ritz” and a photo of blue sky with clouds. All images are my own.

The Rose layer mode is Normal.

The cloud layer is set to Multiple with a layer mask set to white (full transparency) with one of the Gimp default brushes (very fuzzy circle), normal opacity, size 215, used to remove some of the cloud layer located unattractively on Rose’s face. Some of the blue remains on her cheek – not sure why. I don’t see it in the Gimp file, so perhaps it is because I didn’t flatten the layer before I saved it for this post? The experiments continue.

The Ritz photo was a ceiling filled with paper lanterns against the black ceiling of the Rebar (the name of the photo is: “Ritzy balls”). It is the most edited of the layers. Levels and Curves were adjusted to increase the contrast and increase the darks in order to hide the ceiling electrics. Next, I applied the Soft Glow filter at the default filter settings; a Gaussian Blur Radius to 20 and IR Blur Method. The layer mode is Screen and Opacity set to 20.


Here is the original, unedited photo of Rose.


Working on these composite photos, I’ve noticed that my photos are looking more and more like my mixed media art: complex imagery, a lot of layers, I’m adding more and more little details to examine, and low contrast.

I’m really enjoying this class, although with over 200 lessons, it’s going to take me a very long time to work through the entire class.  I’m enjoying how my photos and mixed media art are beginning to merge into my style. Stay tuned for more composite photos.  It is going somewhere; I just am not ready to say where.

Happy creating!


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  1. Nice to see you too, Evan. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years!

  2. Good seeing you last night Anne. Glad to find Tenuki Handcrafts going stronger than ever! Best until next time!

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