Hi ho art friends,

This gal is my first attempt at creating a Finnabair-style portrait.  And, as with the WIP Mermie painting from the last post, this gal sits around and then I work on her and then she rests.

It’s tough being a Party Girl.

For this piece, I used a canvas board, Jane Davenport 3/4 face stencil, fiber paste, gel medium, acrylic paints, Neocolor IIs (Party Girl), a couple of stencils, Golden Gold Mica Flakes, and various googahs from my ephemera and sewing stashes.

Before I got up the gumption to start a painting in this style, I watched a lot of the Finnabair Art Files videos on youtube.  Most of them are fast-forward videos, which gives the illusion that you can finish a painting in less then 20 minutes.

Of course, you can’t.  Not with all the mediums used in this style. I don’t know where the Finnabair Creative Team lives, but I live near Puget Sound, where it can be humid year-round.  Just humid enough to made mediums and pastes take a while to dry.  And I don’t have a proper heat tool. I’m using an old hair dryer, which doesn’t get hot enough to melt embossing powder.

But I digress.

I followed my usual muse of working higgeldy-piggeldy. I dropped in the paste through stencils, I used Gel Medium to glue down ephemera. I worked on the Party Girl. When I got to this stage of the painting, stopped and looked at it, I thought: what the heck is going on with the stuff in the upper right corner?

One of the things I did decide from the start of this piece was that I was making for myself.  I’m testing out this new technique and finding my way around it but I do feel compelled to create a story about the stuff.

Perhaps it’s her fascinator, about to fall off.

Whatever is going on, I have learned that next time, I will do some planning before I start gluing. I love the textures and the way the new layers of color work into the stenciled textures. I like the direction this is going – I’m still creating a complex image, but now incorporating textures and ephemera.

Practice, practice, practice!

Happy creating.