Hi ho art friends.

Today’s post is about a work-in-progress, although I’ve been working on this one for a rather long time.  It’s probably been in progress for over a year, along with 2 other mermie portraits.


I like her enough to keep working, but the painting hasn’t come together yet. I thought by posting about it, some idea might spark. Or, I’d be motivated to keep going in order to provide updates.

Or, I might paint over it.  That was something I hadn’t done in the past, but with my recent love of Finnabair’s style – which at it’s heart involves many gesso layers to tone down background elements in order to bring focus to the central image.

I know I’m a page-filler but I look at my work and wonder what is the subject? What I really love about her work is the complex imagery. I don’t feel lost looking at the details because she’s given the eye places to rest. I’m hoping that by exploring Finnabair’s world, I will find focus in my own work.

Stayed tuned for more on this mermie.  Someday, the poor dear will have a name.

Happy creating!